Dental Implants in Webster Groves, MO

When you’re missing some of your teeth, and you need to replace them with artificial substitutes, you should consider dental implants. 

Dental implants are an excellent alternative to dental bridges or dentures for replacing missing teeth, and they caGraphic of a dental implant placed in gumsn serve you well for decades to come. We are proud to offer dental implants in Webster Groves, MO!

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most significant advancements in dentistry in recent years, and they are an effective, long-term option for maintaining a healthy smile. Unlike dentures, which require daily special care, dental implants are permanently attached to your jaw bone and require no extra maintenance beyond regular oral hygienic care. Patients are pleased with how stable and secure an implant feels in their mouth.

When you lose your natural teeth, you want to replace them with a high-quality restoration that’s durable, supportive, and lifelike. Dental implants provide a way for you to enjoy your life again in a way that you might not have been able to do since you lost your teeth—and that’s a big deal! With tooth implants, you can show your smile to the world without fear or embarrassment, and you can eat all the foods you love without worrying about a disjointed bite. 

In short, dental implants in Webster Groves, MO allow you to use your mouth as if you still had all your natural teeth. If you have questions or concerns about the benefits of dental implants, please contact our dental office to learn more! 

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants work by replacing your entire missing tooth, from the roots deep below the surface to the very top of the tooth crown. 

Dental implants are screws that our Webster Grove dentist places surgically into your jaw bone.

With the advances in dental technology, there is typically minimal discomfort during the procedure. Once your jaw bone and surrounding gums fully heal, Dr. Wenzel will attach a tooth crown to the implant screw and adjust the crown so it will fit comfortably and securely in your mouth. 

As long as you take good care of it, your Webster Groves dental implant should last forever. Once the implant post fuses with your jaw bone, the implant screw and your jaw Dental crown and implant screw going into model teethbecome one and work together to support each other. You can keep your dental implant for life if you continue to brush, floss, and pay excellent attention to your gum health. 

Candidates for Dental Implants Near Webster Groves

Although most people are good candidates for dental implants, certain underlying medical conditions may prevent you from being a good candidate for an implant. Our dentist can perform a thorough examination of your smile and let you know whether dental implants are right for your smile. 

When you think you’re ready to start your treatment, contact us to schedule a dental appointment to see if a dental implant in Webster Groves, MO is the best treatment for you.

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