Teeth Grinding & TMJ Treatment in Webster Groves, MO

Woman with bad tooth pain from teeth grindingHave you noticed pain in your jaw when you wake up? Does your partner complain of grinding noises while you sleep? Do your teeth hurt, and you aren't sure why?

All of these are signs that you may have a teeth-grinding habit we call bruxism. Everyone grinds their teeth occasionally, but our bodies respond to stress in many ways, and our teeth and jaws are just as affected by it as the rest of our bodies.

Bruxism is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching and can often result from stress in our lives. It also can become a habitual problem. Many patients are surprised to find out that their toothache or headache results from bruxism, especially because they don't believe they grind their teeth. The problem is that patients often do so while they are asleep or are unaware they are doing it during the day, referred to as daytime bruxing.

Fortunately, we provide custom night guards in Webster Groves, MO to help treat bruxism and teeth grinding. If you are interested in treatment with night guards, contact Webster Groves Dental to schedule a consultation!

Custom-Made Night Guards in Webster Groves

At Webster Groves Dental, Dr. Matthew Wenzel, DMD can help identify if you are suffering from bruxism. If you are diagnosed with bruxism, it is important to seek treatment.

Night guards are a good first step to alleviate pain that directly results from bruxism, especially during those times in your life when you are experiencing more stress.

Untreated bruxism can be very destructive; it causes inflammation, wears away the enamel on your teeth, and is often very painful. The pressure from untreated grinding or clenching can also cause fractures in your teeth, resulting in costly treatment.

How a Night Guard Protects Your Oral Health

Webster Groves dentist holding up a custom made night guardA night guard protects your teeth against grinding, and making a custom night guard in Webster Groves, MO is a quick and painless process.

All we need to do is take an impression of your teeth. Once we have the impression, we will either make your guard ourselves or send it off to one of our dental labs.

Your guard should be ready in less than two weeks. Depending on the severity of your bruxism, many patients begin to feel relief within days of using their night guard.

Schedule an Appointment at Our Webster Groves Dentist Office

Chronic teeth grinding and clenching or bruxism can take a toll on your oral health, your comfort, and even your quality of life. If you think you are suffering from bruxism, contact our Webster Groves dentist office today. You don't have to live in pain, and our customized night guards will minimize your discomfort and protect your teeth from excessive wear and tear.

Dr. Matthew Wenzel and his team look forward to helping you find resolution and relief for your teeth grinding habit.