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Can you whiten dental implants or crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth restorations made of high-grade porcelain that either repair a damaged tooth or complete a dental implant. This material is unresponsive to the active compounds that whiten your teeth, so you can’t whiten dental implants or crowns.

But you can seek professional teeth whitening at Webster Grove Dental before we place any dental restoration. This allows us to push your natural teeth to their whitest level when we design your dental crown.

Another recommendation before your teeth whitening treatment is to have one of our team members perform a teeth cleaning. This procedure removes plaque and its more complex cousin, tartar which will interfere with the whitening compounds. But once these accumulations are removed, your teeth will be ready to achieve the whitest shade possible.

Do Dental Crowns Stain?

One reason porcelain ceramics are the preferred material for tea and coffee service is the material’s density allows it to naturally resist staining. So your dental crown or dental implant will also avoid discoloration from everyday foods and drinks.

This also means that, over time, your natural teeth may become less white than your dental crown, implant, or any other restoration that uses porcelain restorations. The good news is that a follow-up professional whitening treatment may regain your natural teeth’s original whiteness to match your dental implant or crown.

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If you have additional questions about whitening dental restorations, we invite you to contact Webster Groves Dental. Our dentist will help you determine the best treatment plan for your individual situation. 

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