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What types of whitening service do you offer?

teeth whitening services | webster groves mo dentist Custom Whitening Treatment For You

We know everyone wants to have whiter teeth. Customized trays do not always fit in everyone's budget, so we offer two types of whitening services. We offer a product that is similar to the whitening strips you find in retail stores. Instead of strips, it is a mold-able tray that you place in your mouth. It is much more user-friendly and more comfortable than the strips and is similarly priced.

Customized Whitening Trays

We also offer customized trays which requires taking an impression of your teeth and having a lab hand create your trays. Customized trays are an initial investment upfront, but last a life time. You can purchase tubes of whitening for about ten dollars whenever you want to whiten your teeth - for the rest of your life!  Call us today if you have any more questions!

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