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How can you help me manage my dental costs?

At Webster Groves Dental, we want to ensure that all our patients have access to high-quality dentistry so they can maintain excellent oral health.

We are in-network with numerous dental insurance plans, including Delta Dental, Aetna, Cigna, and many others. However, we work with all major insurance plans, PPO, and fee-for-service plans and process all claims on behalf of our patients.

What Does “Out of Network” Mean?

Stamp on top of insurance papers at Webster Groves dentist officeEven if we are not in your network, your insurance will still cover a portion of our fees. Whether you are in-network or out-of-network, very few insurance plans cover 100 percent of the cost of procedures.

Out-of-network fees can be slightly higher than in-network; however, it’s crucial to choose a dentist you trust and who will provide quality work that will ultimately cost you less over time. 

Every insurance plan is different, so it’s always best to give us a call to make sure we accept your specific plan. Contact Webster Groves Dental, and our insurance specialist will be happy to assist you. Please note that we do not accept Medicaid or any HMO plan.

Webster Smiles In-House Membership Plan

Another way we can help you manage dental costs is with our in-house dental savings plan. If you are uninsured, our program will help you save on routine dental costs like exams, teeth cleanings, x-rays, and emergency exams. Call our dentist office at (314) 918-9666 to learn about Webster Smiles In-House Membership Plan.

Personalized Payment Plans

We understand that sometimes dental bills come at the worst possible times for many of our patients. If you need assistance paying your bills in full, we offer payment plans to qualified individuals. Please contact our office today to learn more about this option.

Call Webster Groves Dental to Learn More!

Our goal at Webster Groves Dental is to make quality dental care more accessible and affordable. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dentist office at (314) 918-9666 if you have any questions.

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