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Should I get a custom night guard or over the counter?

Many patients wonder if an over-the-counter night guard works just as well. While these guards can offer protection, they have several downfalls. Often they are more bulky and uncomfortable to sleep in. Even if the over-the-counter guards are "molded" to fit your teeth, they still do not necessarily provide the same level of protection. They might not have been molded properly and be ill fitting. The material is not as durable as custom-fit guards, meaning they will wear out and need to be replaced much more frequently.

Custom Night Guards in Webster Groves, MO

For patients who have severe grinding we do not recommend over the counter guards. Custom-fit night guards in Webster Groves are made to precisely fit your teeth, something over-the-counter guards cannot achieve. They are more guaranteed to protect your teeth and much more comfortable to wear. While the cost of a custom guard is higher, your teeth will be better protected in the long run saving you costly dental treatments that could occur should your grinding not be taken care of properly.

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