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Protecting your Teeth from Wear and Tear

May 12, 2016
Posted By: Webster Groves Dental
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Let’s face it. Our teeth impact many aspects of our lives - from the way we to talk and smile to how we eat. They are vital to our health and our self-confidence. It is imperative to maintain regular oral hygiene to keep our teeth in tip-top shape. However, even the best oral hygiene does not always keep us free from potential problems. Some of us are simply more predisposed because of our genetics, but did you know that even healthy diets can affect our teeth? As we age and our teeth sustain more wear and tear, certain foods may contribute to some of the problems we can have with our teeth. It is not uncommon to break a tooth while chewing on a handful of nuts or have enamel wear down from exposure to acidic foods, such as citrus fruits. 


Protecting Your Teeth


  1. Limit the number of acidic foods and beverages. We all know sugary foods and drinks are bad for our teeth, but be mindful that drinking coffee or tea and eating citrus fruits, such as oranges, can also cause damage. As much as we may need it sometimes, sipping on coffee all day long is not recommended for keeping your teeth healthy!

  2. Clean up after eating! Brushing and flossing your teeth after consuming any acidic or sugary drinks or food will remove any residue that can corrupt your teeth over time while also freshening your breath.

  3. Avoid eating very hard foods. Biting into a hard piece of candy is never a good idea. Some young patients have the mindset that “it won’t happen to them”, but the reality is if you are constantly eating hard foods your teeth will become more susceptible to problems down the road. Of course, you shouldn’t just avoid healthy foods because they are hard. Instead of chomping on a large carrot stick consider slicing it into smaller pieces. Chopped almonds are better alternative than eating handfuls of whole almonds. Give your teeth a break and allow your kitchen utensils to do some of the chopping for you!

  4. Always be guzzling water! We should always stay hydrated and be drinking water throughout the day. Drinking water flushes out impurities in our bodies and keeps us healthy. It also strengthens your teeth and can rinse away tooth decaying bacteria. Swishing water over all your teeth surfaces is a great way to clean off your teeth after a meal.
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