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How Dentists Treat Tooth Decay

April 16, 2022
Posted By: Webster Groves Dental
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If you have not had tooth decay since childhood, you may have forgotten what goes into a cavity filling. A few things may have changed along the way, but we think you’ll be pleased with modern cavity treatment in Webster Groves, MO.

What Are Teeth Cavities?

A cavity in the tooth means an area of decay. Sometimes, you’ll spot it on your own—a dark spot or tiny hole in the tooth. You may also notice tooth sensitivity and discoloration.

While some patients spot a cavity on their own, most need a dentist to spot the decay. This is because cavities can hide between teeth and in hard-to-spot locations.

If your dentist finds a cavity, we schedule you for treatment.  

Cavity Removal in Webster Grove, MO

If you’re wondering how cavities are filled, it’s straightforward. And today’s technologies offer an aesthetically pleasing finish; we no longer have to use silver to detract from your smile.

If your dentist finds a cavity, we can use a special composite to treat it. The composite is a malleable material that can be smoothed, layered, sculpted, and set with a special light. It is also colored to work with your tooth shade.

First, your dentist uses anesthesia to numb the treatment area. Then we clear the decay before filling in a cavity. After setting the material, we finish with a polish.

If the cavity is severe, your dentist may talk to you about a dental crown to restore function, also customized to match your teeth.

Prevention Is Always Always Best

Most patients prefer today’s tooth-colored fillings over the older silver method. But no cavities at all are better than both!

Brush, floss, visit your dentist, and report any oral changes to lower your risks for tooth decay, oral infections, and gum disease.

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