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When a Dental Extraction Is Necessary: What to Expect

September 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Matthew Wenzel
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At Webster Groves Dental, preserving your natural teeth is always our goal. Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth has been compromised beyond repair due to decay, cracking, or trauma. When it is no longer healthy or safe to leave a damaged tooth in your mouth, the best option is a dental extraction.

Pain-Free Extractions

When a dental extraction is necessary, Dr. Wenzel will thoroughly prepare you before your appointment so you can feel as relaxed and at ease as possible. We aim to make all dental extractions in our Webster Groves, MO office fast and pain-free. Most of the simple extractions our patients require are performed in-house. If an extraction is considered complex or difficult, Dr. Wenzel will likely refer you to an outside oral surgeon.

For most tooth extractions, a local anesthetic is enough to numb the area. This anesthetic is administered to the area much like would be done in the case of a filling, and you will not need to be fully put under. For some cases, however, a stronger general anesthetic is used, and you will feel a sensation of going to sleep before the procedure. Regardless of the type of anesthesia used, you should feel nothing more than pressure during the procedure. 

A Quick, Painless Procedure

The length of time it takes to remove the tooth will depend on the location of the tooth in your mouth, but it is normal for an entire extraction appointment from beginning to end to last approximately 30 minutes. This includes the time needed to numb the area as well as allowing for postoperative instructions and treatment. 

It is normal for the extraction site to bleed mildly after the procedure. Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Wenzel will either pack the area with gauze or place several stitches to help facilitate healing. 

Postoperative Care

You will likely feel soreness in the area for several days after an extraction, and over-the-counter painkillers are usually strong enough to treat the discomfort. Dr. Wenzel will provide you with proper postoperative care guidelines, such as eating soft foods and carefully rinsing your mouth.

At Webster Groves Dental, we want all of your dental procedures to be as pain-and-hassle-free as possible. If you have additional questions or concerns about an upcoming dental extraction, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team today. 

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