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The Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Enhance Your Smile!

October 9, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Matthew Wenzel
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If you want to enhance the look of your smile, many cosmetic procedures can transform the way you feel about your teeth.

For all of your cosmetic dentistry needs in Webster Groves, MO, Dr. Matthew Wenzel and his trusted team are prepared to help you achieve the most confident version of yourself. If you have been searching for the smile of your dreams, consider one or more of the following cosmetic procedures:

Teeth Whitening

Having your teeth whitened is one of the most affordable and least invasive ways you can improve the look of your smile. Professional-level whitening treatments can help remove years of stains caused by food, drink and daily wear-and-tear. Teeth whitening is a great option for patients who are looking for a cosmetic treatment that will brighten and enhance the overall look of their smiles without having to permanently alter the structure of their mouth. 

Cosmetic Bonding

Another treatment option offered by our Webster Groves, MO office is cosmetic bonding. If you have cracked, chipped, or otherwise broken teeth, cosmetic bonding could be a perfect fit for your situation. The bonding process is achieved when tooth-colored composite resin is applied to areas of a tooth for a variety of purposes -- to close a gap, to give the appearance of a lengthened tooth, to whiten an area, to strengthen a weakened tooth or to help change the shape of a tooth. In most situations, our office can complete cosmetic bonding treatment in just one visit.


For patients who are in need of a more permanent cosmetic treatment option, porcelain veneers can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-colored caps placed over the partial structures of existing teeth. Veneers are a great cosmetic option if you have many teeth, especially in the front, visible portions of your mouth, that are damaged and unsightly. Because they are permanent in the mouth, veneers take longer to place. You will likely need several appointments with Dr. Wenzel to complete the placement of your veneers -- but the result will be a new smile customized just for you. 

Dr. Wenzel is excited to assist in the transformation of your smile. Contact our office today at (314) 918-9666 to begin your journey today. 

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