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When to Consider Having Your Tooth Extracted

October 30, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Matthew Wenzel
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At Webster Groves Dental, we understand that the thought of having a tooth extracted can be scary. Everyone wants to be able to keep their natural teeth, and our goal as your dental treatment team is to preserve every single tooth that we can. 

Sometimes, however, a tooth is beyond saving, and having that tooth extracted is in the best interest of the patient. There are several instances in which you should consider having your tooth removed by our Webster Groves team:


One common reason tooth extractions become necessary is in the case of overcrowding. Sometimes, too many teeth can exist in too small of a mouth, and one or more extractions become necessary either for orthodontic treatment, such as braces, or because the mouth is too crowded for patients to maintain good oral hygiene. If it is difficult for you to brush or floss properly because your mouth is too crowded, it may be time to consider an extraction.

Infection or Abscess

Severe or symptomatic infections can lead to problems both within the root of a tooth or in the gums and area surrounding the tooth. If treated early, these infections can often be cleared and the area salvaged. In some cases, however, a tooth will become damaged to the point where it needs to be removed so that the infection will not spread or affect other teeth.

Cracks or Severe Structural Damage

Damage to a tooth can occur in many ways — biting down on food too hard, hitting your mouth with or on an object such as a drinking glass, impact from sports, etc. Depending on the amount and severity of the damage, the tooth may be repairable. Cracks that extend deep into a tooth near the root and below the gumline, however, will often need to be extracted.

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These scenarios are only a handful of reasons a tooth extraction may be advised. To learn more about your specific situation, contact the experts on dental extractions in Webster Groves, MO today at (314) 918-9666. 

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