Tooth Extractions in Webster Groves, MO

Woman in treatment chair for tooth extraction in Webster Groves MOAt Webster Groves Dental our goal is for you to keep your natural teeth, but sometimes it is necessary to remove a tooth. Maintaining oral hygiene can keep your teeth healthy for years to come, but even patients who have an excellent oral hygiene routine might still find themselves needing an extraction. Infection, a broken or cracked tooth, trauma, or gum disease are some of the conditions that could result in a tooth needing to be extracted.

What to Expect with Tooth Extractions in 63119

No one wants to lose a tooth. We will do our best to make your procedure as comfortable as possible and provide you with all the post care instructions you will need for a speedy recovery. By using a localized anesthetic, we will be able to relieve you of any discomfort throughout the entire procedure. Depending on the type of extraction, you may receive sutures. After your extraction, you will be a candidate for one of several tooth replacement options such as an implant, bridge or denture. Any one of these options will allow you to have a new tooth that will look and feel like your natural teeth. Dr. Wenzel performs simple and surgical extractions; however, sometimes it may be best to be treated by an oral surgeon. We will help guide you towards the right decision for your situation. 

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