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How to Choose the Best Treatment to Whiten Your Teeth

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Everybody wants to have nice, white teeth, but age and the foods we eat can cause our enamel to appear stained and yellow. There are many different treatments marketed that promise to whiten your teeth. How do you know what is the best treatment for you? Let's break down some of the options out there.

Types of Teeth Whitening

  • Whitening toothpaste - Whitening toothpaste is relatively inexpensive and makes the claim to whiten your teeth within weeks. Unfortunately, many times there is little to no improvement. It is more effective to be mindful of brushing your teeth immediately after consuming beverages and food that may cause stains, such as tea, coffee, red ...

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Protecting your Teeth from Wear and Tear

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Let’s face it. Our teeth impact many aspects of our lives - from the way we to talk and smile to how we eat. They are vital to our health and our self-confidence. It is imperative to maintain regular oral hygiene to keep our teeth in tip-top shape. However, even the best oral hygiene does not always keep us free from potential problems. Some of us are simply more predisposed because of our genetics, but did you know that even healthy diets can affect our teeth? As we age and our teeth sustain more wear and tear, certain foods may contribute to some of the problems we ...

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Preparing Your Child For A Dental Appointment

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Going to the dentist can be very unsettling for many young children. A dentist looking inside a child's mouth, as well as unfamiliar objects and noises, can be scary for the child. Many adults who have a fear of the dentist had a traumatic dental experience as a child. Doing everything possible to make your child comfortable now will help them be more at ease as an adult. If you know your child is very nervous, there are several different things you can do to prepare for the appointment to help your child overcome anxiety.


Helping Your Child Overcome ...

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How Cleanings Can Lower Your Risk For Heart Disease

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Going to the dentist for bi-annual cleanings can seem time consuming. With how fast time flies, you may feel you just went to the dentist for a cleaning by the time you are due for your next one. It can be difficult to work around your schedule for the appointment, but taking the time to do so is good for your overall health, not just oral health. Even the best brushers and flossers need regular cleanings to keep their mouths in tip-top shape.


At cleanings, dentists and hygienists help diagnose gum ...

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