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Feeling the Familiar Zing of Root Sensitivity?

Root sensitivity can creep up on you! It may hit you when you are enjoying that ice cold beverage with that zinging sensation. What causes this? Should you contact your dentist if it goes away quickly? Here is what you need to know about root sensitivity and how to manage it.

What Causes My Tooth to Feel Sensitive?

There are actually a few different factors that can contribute to root sensitivity such as:

  • Clenching and grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism
  • Breakdown of an old dental restoration - sensitivity could indicate decay underneath
  • Brushing too vigorously can cause root exposure and sensitivity
  • A dental infection in the root, or pulp of your tooth
  • Gum disease

Once we ...

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Healthy Eating for Your Body and Your Smile

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You've heard it time and time again - eat more fruits and vegetables. You should focus on a balanced diet. We know this is good for our bodies and our overall health; however, did you know that eating more fruits and veggies also benefits your oral health? It's true! Here's what you need to know.

How Fruits and Vegetables Improve Oral Health

Eating fruits and vegetables actually helps to neutralize the acids in your mouth that eat away at your enamel and cause tooth decay. They also increase saliva flow, which helps to wash away food debris and other plaque causing particles. Saliva can also remineralize teeth that have been affected by ...

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These 3 Details Make the Difference between a Good Dentist and a Great Dentist

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As you research new dentists in your area, you may find that your final decision as to who is right for your family can be a tough one. Most dentists do a good job and want to make patients feel comfortable, satisfied, and healthy. After all, most people who go into the healthcare field, including dentists, genuinely want to help others.

It can be hard, especially if you truly value your oral health and appearance, to distinguish between the good dentists and the truly great ones without a deeper dive. 

In addition to feeling comfortable and satisfied with the work your dentist does, you should also see advanced technology, a sense of ...

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Reasons Why Dental Bonding Might Be Right for You

dental bonding webster groves

With today’s modern cosmetic dentistry, there are many options that can improve the look of your smile. Some people might be thinking of complicated, expensive procedures, but the truth is, many cosmetic dentistry procedures can dramatically improve the look of your smile quickly and at a lower cost than you might expect. Dental bonding is one of them.

Dental bonding can be the ideal solution for those who have teeth with gaps or whose teeth are misshapen, chipped, or cracked. Let’s take a look at some reasons dental bonding at our Webster Groves, MO office might be right for you.

What Flaws Can Dental Bonding Correct?

The dental bonding process uses a resin ...

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Reduce the Fear: What to Expect During a Root Canal

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Root canals have one of the worst reputations of any dental procedure because they're commonly associated with pain. This is a misconception, however, because a root canal actually eliminates the pain caused by a dental infection. Your team at Webster Groves Dental is here to eliminate the fears and misconceptions surrounding root canals in Webster Groves by letting you know what you can expect from the procedure.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

If decay, a fracture, or injury to your tooth causes damage to the pulp, or nerve of your tooth, you'll begin to feel pain. This is typically because your root is infected, and it is important to note ...

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Why a Dental Bridge Could Be Just the Solution You Need

dental bridges webster groves

Living with multiple missing teeth affects your life every day. Not only is your confidence and self esteem affected because you feel embarrassed about talking or smiling, but you also can't eat the healthy foods you used to enjoy regularly, which impacts your nutrition and overall health. A dental bridge may be just the solution you need!

What is a Dental Bridge?

If you're missing one or more adjacent teeth a bridge can be the ideal solution. Using dental crowns anchored to healthy teeth, a bridge has prosthetic teeth attached that fill in the space left by your missing teeth. It's designed to match your existing teeth, so it complements your smile ...

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3 Conditions That May Warrant a Tooth Extraction

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Each one of your teeth has an important function in your oral health and your smile. We avoid recommending a tooth extraction at Webster Groves Dental, whenever possible, because saving your natural teeth is often the most affordable ways to protect your health and your appearance.

Sometimes, however, biology has other plans and removing a tooth is the best way to eliminate infection, relieve pain, and help you get back on track to good oral health.

3 Common Conditions That May Warrant a Tooth Extraction

A Serious Infection

Whether you have an infection inside your tooth and a root canal will not work, or you suffer from advanced periodontal disease, sometimes removing your tooth ...

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