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Three Facts about Dental Extractions

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Extracting a tooth is a last-resort procedure for decayed or damaged teeth, but in some instances, dental extractions can’t be avoided. In many cases, simple dental extractions take place right in your dentist’s office and are routine procedures. More complicated or difficult extractions are usually referred to an outside oral surgeon.

Dental extractions in Webster Grove, MO, don’t need to be stressful when you have confidence in your dental care team. Read on to learn more about this common dental procedure.

We Complete Most Dental Extractions In-Office

In most cases, having a tooth extracted is a routine procedure that is performed right in your dentist’s office. Typically, dental extractions that involve an unerupted ...

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When to Consider Having Your Tooth Extracted

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At Webster Groves Dental, we understand that the thought of having a tooth extracted can be scary. Everyone wants to be able to keep their natural teeth, and our goal as your dental treatment team is to preserve every single tooth that we can. 

Sometimes, however, a tooth is beyond saving, and having that tooth extracted is in the best interest of the patient. There are several instances in which you should consider having your tooth removed by our Webster Groves team:


One common reason tooth extractions become necessary is in the case of overcrowding. Sometimes, too many teeth can exist in too small of a mouth, and one or more extractions ...

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When a Dental Extraction Is Necessary: What to Expect

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At Webster Groves Dental, preserving your natural teeth is always our goal. Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth has been compromised beyond repair due to decay, cracking, or trauma. When it is no longer healthy or safe to leave a damaged tooth in your mouth, the best option is a dental extraction.

Pain-Free Extractions

When a dental extraction is necessary, Dr. Wenzel will thoroughly prepare you before your appointment so you can feel as relaxed and at ease as possible. We aim to make all dental extractions in our Webster Groves, MO office fast and pain-free. Most of the simple extractions our patients require are performed in-house. If an extraction is considered complex or ...

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3 Conditions That May Warrant a Tooth Extraction

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Each one of your teeth has an important function in your oral health and your smile. We avoid recommending a tooth extraction at Webster Groves Dental, whenever possible, because saving your natural teeth is often the most affordable ways to protect your health and your appearance.

Sometimes, however, biology has other plans and removing a tooth is the best way to eliminate infection, relieve pain, and help you get back on track to good oral health.

3 Common Conditions That May Warrant a Tooth Extraction

A Serious Infection

Whether you have an infection inside your tooth and a root canal will not work, or you suffer from advanced periodontal disease, sometimes removing your tooth ...

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